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Hello, 2014.

So here we are!  It’s 2014, JMP is one year older and I have this fancy new blog!  I have been wanting to set up a blog for quite some time in order to give each and every session the love it deserves (that Facebook, frankly, fails at horribly).  And I also need an outlet.  I took a personality test recently and it was a little crazy how borderline smack-in-the-middle-of-the-road between Type A and Type B I am.  So while the Type A in me wants order, the Type B in me craves creative release.  It’s been a long road for me to admit that I need to honor the Type A in me as much as the Type B, even when the Type A was the one I was giving in to more and more.  That basically sums up my 2013 in a nutshell.  While I wasn’t highly organized, I was people pleasing.  I was producing portraiture that, while good, could have come out of any camera from any photographer.  I forgot my roots.  I forgot what made me fall in love with photography, all while getting a sense of exactly where I wanted to be as a photographer.

I’ve narrowed my focus to child photography.  I am still accepting bookings for maternity, family, newborn, and births with the occasional senior and/or event thrown in here or there.  But child photography is where my heart is.  I love these tiny humans.  I love their imagination and I love the way they see the world.  I love being able to honor that before they become an adult and that unique viewpoint begins to fade.  There is magic in childhood.  And with each photograph in each session, my desire is to celebrate that.

I did this session with my nephew on New Year’s Eve.  In his heart, he is a knight.  He tells everyone he meets.  And he’s a talker, so there’s a lot of conversation about knights that occurs.  He’s only four, but he can tell you every piece of equipment and weaponry a knight should carry.  He’s the only 4 year old I know that will sit and watch the Lord of the Rings movies all the way through.  I know a lot of adults that can’t do that!  He has the biggest imagination.  It’s kind of unreal.  When I think of him at this age in five years, or ten, or twenty, I know that I know that this is exactly how I will remember him.  Small and sweet and brave.

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I am SO looking forward to 2014 with you guys!  It’s my goal and my desire this year to create fine art portraiture, the kind of photos that do for you what these portraits of my nephew do for me.  I’m in the business of capturing memories.  Not just the pretty ones where everyone is smiling and is dressed in their Sunday best.  But all the in between moments too.  I can’t wait for that chance with your family <3


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