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moo moo! Raylan is 2! || southeast texas child & lifestyle photography.

Hey again, everyone!

Me and Raylan go way back.  Like, before he was even a little twinkle in anybody’s eye, way back.  We see each other often, but he’s a busy dude.  He doesn’t have time to play around with me and my silly camera.  Especially when there is a TRACTOR involved.

Case in point:


So, we adjourned.  For food.  Because food fixes everything.  You’re laughing, but it’s the truth!  And I have evidence, because when we got back after eating, Raylan was all smiles and ready to go!  He is the most active little 2 year old I know, so it was definitely a workout keeping up with him, but gah this ‘job’ is the best, you guys!  Sometimes the sessions aren’t always picture perfect, and that’s okay!  I don’t expect perfection, at least not in the traditional portrait sense.  I just want to capture what’s real.  To me, these photos are perfection!

Happy Birthday, Raylan!



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