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I believe there is magic in the everyday tasks that we so often take for granted.  You can’t take five steps today without your child pulling at the hem of your shirt, whining and crying and begging to be carried, and you’re annoyed because you have fifty things to do.  I get it, because I live that too.

But one day you’re going to set your child down, and then never pick him up again.

One day, your child will quit asking for one more bedtime story.
He won’t seek you out with sleepy eyes fresh from a nap to be cuddled while he slowly wakes up.
There will be a very last time you rock your baby.

JoAnna Morgan Photography 2015. All Rights Reserved.

A very last time they eat lunch at their little kid-sized table with their little kid plates and kid utensils.
A very last time you’ll be the one bathing him, playing in the bubbles and getting splashed endlessly.
One day, he won’t think those silly faces and weird noises and endless tickles are the funniest thing ever.
And those are the moments that break my heart.

JoAnna Morgan Photography 2015. All Rights Reserved.
They’re so simple, and such a part of this busy life that seem so inconsequential.  But those are the memories of my family I will take away.  My son is 2.5 and I remember very little from our various family portrait sessions.  But I know I will always remember the way he crosses his ankles when he sits down with a book or rides in a shopping cart, and the way he loves sweeping the floor and runs with sheer childhood glee anytime he spots a broom, and the way his eyes light up whenever he hears running water, and the way his whole face shines when he realizes that he gets to play in said water and completely transforms into a little water bug of a child.  The way he can’t fall asleep without being wrapped in his favorite blanket.  And I want to give you those same memories with your family.  One moment at a time.

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These are more than just photo sessions.  I want to come and spend a day in your life.  I want to capture all the moments that you think are mundane or repetitive or, God forbid, messy.  I want honesty.  I want your real story, not the story that gets captured in the limited time of a traditional portrait session.  I want the spills and the messes.  The tantrums and the cuddles that follow.  The meals and the baths and the chores.  The laughter and the tears; the sadness and the joy.  Your house doesn’t have to be Pinterest-perfect.  The only thing special about these sessions is the people and emotions in them.  If you need to stay home and work on fixing the toilet, that’s what we do.  If you need to go grocery shopping, then we go.

JoAnna Morgan Photography 2015. All Rights Reserved.

We will get to know each other a little bit through calls and emails before your session.  I want to connect with you on an emotional level and become your friend, so that I can more easily realize the moments that are so special and unique to your story.  I want to get you know you, so that when I am there with your family, it doesn’t feel like a photographer is invading your space, but more like a friend is over for coffee, just visiting and enjoying some time together.  I want to be your friend, so that I can tell my friend’s story one moment at a time.

JoAnna Morgan Photography 2015. All Rights Reserved.

Storyteller sessions include:
– an in-person consultation to get to know one another better before your session, in addition to phone calls and emails.
-up to 3 hours of in-home photo documentation
-an online, password protected online gallery containing a gallery of your high-resolution fully edited photos.  The files will be available for download, and you will be able to share the link with friends and family as you choose.
-web-resolution files for social media sharing
-significant discount towards custom storybook

This package is all inclusive, meaning my time spent getting to know you, shooting your story, editing your images and designing your album, as well as your download of your high resolution files, is included in the fee.


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Jo Truncali is a family photographer specializing in lifestyle and documentary imagery, located in Beaumont, Texas.  Serving all of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana, including but not limited to Lumberton, Nederland, Port Neches, China, Sour Lake, Lake Charles, and Liberty.  Available for travel worldwide.

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