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Happy Birthday Molly! | Beaumont Family Photographer

I bet you guys didn’t realize that when I call myself a family photographer, I mean my own family too!  I love creating images for everyone, but it means so much more when family members trust me with their memories.  I have been married to Molly’s uncle for five years (next month!), and I have loved every minute of it.  I was a little surprised when Molly’s mom asked me about taking photos for her birthday, just because we have had so much craziness in our lives this summer that things like birthdays have kind of fallen by the wayside.  But of course!  I was super honored that she wanted me to take Molly’s photos, and I absolutely loved doing it.

Also, huge round of applause for Molly’s mom for making that tutu, and the little banner on the wagon, and organizing all kinds of fun ideas for this session.  She did so good!  Literally all I did was show up and take photos.

Y’all know its summer in Texas and that means it’s 105* outside with a heat index of about 1 million and 110% humidity.  Summer babies have it kind of rough.  The heat makes them cranky.  It’s inevitable that at least one of their friends will be on vacation on the date of their birthday party.  When they start school, they miss out on the big class party extravaganza.  I know Molly to be a smiley, happy baby.  We lucked out a little bit in terms of weather, meaning it was less than 100* and there was a little bit of a breeze, but she still wasn’t really feeling it.  She smiled in short spurts and then gave us looks that begged us to take her into the air conditioning.  I know the feeling, kiddo.  Despite all that, we still got some pretty amazing images!

Happy Birthday Molly! Beaumont Family PhotographerBeaumont Family PhotographerBeaumont Family PhotographerBeaumont Family PhotographerBeaumont Family PhotographerBeaumont Family PhotographerBeaumont Family PhotographerBeaumont Family PhotographerBeaumont Family PhotographerBeaumont Family PhotographerBeaumont Family Photographer


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